#279 MT Show – Dan Spitz (Red Lamb), Henny Wolter (Nitrogods),Eric Wagner (The Skull), Shep (Modern Day Escape)

Overview  Extremely fast paced show. Was able to unload some new music which every loved. Had some outstanding interviews, played the 4 Minute Metal Report by Rock N Metal Newz, Talked about a few syndicate stations that air the MT radio show, FPCRadio and Bullspike Radio. Over 3 hours long but definitely a good one! You will want to listen to this whole show. We had Kelsie, a fan of M.D.E. call in and we interviewed her.

Music played  Nitrogods, Trouble, Mourning Wagon,Dodging Daylight, Red Lamb, Anthrax, Accept, Winger, Modern Day Escape, Mad Max, Legacy of Disorder, Habit of Force, and a few more

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